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'Sustainability' podcast series

Essential Antitrust #28: Collusion or collaboration: competition and the fight for net zero

As international competition and antitrust laws continue to evolve, companies are concerned with ensuring that their sustainability collaborations do not fall foul of the law.

With regulators globally continuing to set out their differing, and sometimes divergent, positions, it has never been more critical for multinational business to stay abreast of the latest developments. Covering the European Commission, UK CMA, and the FTC/DOJ and State Attorneys General in the United States, we look at the current ESG and antitrust landscape and the implications for regulatory strategies.

In this special sustainability edition of our Essential Antitrust podcast our host Jenn Mellott is joined by Tim Wilkins (New York), Jake Reynolds (London), Martin McElwee (London), Sarah Jensen (London), Justin Stewart-Teitelbaum (Washington, DC) and Donna-Faye Imadi (Washington, DC).

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