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Industrials and automotive

IoT, robotics and autonomous cars are transforming the industrials and automotive landscape.

Reinventing operations and business models leveraging technology is critical to success for industrial companies. We are helping the world’s foremost industrial manufacturers transform into digital-first businesses. They value our deep understanding of key technological developments, their strategic ramifications and the legal issues they raise.

Whether you’re harnessing the possibilities of the Internet of Things, forming a partnership to develop a market-shifting digital service, developing your own technology platform or mining data for new sources of growth, we can help you minimise risk and maximise the value you create.

Our industrials and automotive insights

Our industrials and automotive experience

See press release here and on QuantumScape’s subsequent Nasdaq listing and $3.3bn business combination with SPAC Kensington Capital.

Emerson’s robust Plantweb™ portfolio and operational technology (OT) expertise combined with inmation’s integrated software platform enable real-time information management across manufacturing, process control and IT systems. inmation aggregates global operational data from across the enterprise into the Plantweb digital ecosystem to create an OT data lake – a centralized storage repository – that serves as the foundation for business intelligence and analytics. Collectively, these capabilities increase data visibility and provide unified, actionable insights for fast decision-making and improved operational performance. 

See press release here.

See press release here.