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Mergers and acquisitions

Public M&A

A public M&A transaction is just that – very public. The process is daunting even for those who have been through the loop a few times.

At the outset we’ll walk you through all the steps. If your bid is hostile or contested and the mud starts flying, we’ll be at your side. We’ll advise you when and where to respond and what can and cannot be said.

The key to your success will be an efficient process that enables you to execute the deal swiftly. Our sector knowledge, experience of working with the regulators and ability to do the deal will give you a formidable advantage over other bidders.

A public M&A deal typically involves several different areas of legal skill: for example, corporate, antitrust/regulatory, finance, tax, employment, share schemes and pensions.

It’s not enough to have a strong M&A lead partner; you also need to know that every unique legal area is covered and that you have a dedicated lawyer on the case.

It is your lead partner’s job to make sure that he or she secures the best people for the job. These partners will have seen and solved all the issues you’ll encounter on this deal.


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