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The Freshfields Lab and Innovation teams drive our legal tech offering, working collaboratively to transform workflows and enhance the client and lawyer experience.

Embedding technology and data analytics as part of an integrated service adds huge value to our clients and is a key component of our Client Delivery Group. Innovative tools, solutions and processes deliver a faster, cheaper and more effective service.

As well as providing the client with access to live, centralised and interactive information across the matter lifecycle, this transparency empowers clients to make data-driven decisions at critical times over the course of their matter.

Where off-the-shelf solutions are unsuitable, the Lab’s multidisciplinary team, consisting of specialists in data science, machine learning and software development, together with our lawyers, works in collaboration with our clients to develop new, bespoke solutions. This approach allows us to leverage technology and data in a way that serves our clients’ unique and most complex challenges.

Key solutions we offer

As transactions grow in cost, scale and complexity, our due diligence services help clients to minimise risk and ensure they capitalise on opportunities.

Enabling our clients to make smarter strategic decisions by helping them better understand the ever-changing global regulatory landscape.

Guiding our clients through large, complex reviews and investigations and helping them to minimise their exposure.

Utilising talent, expertise and cutting-edge technology to manage mass claims more efficiently and enable smarter, more strategic decision-making.

Streamlining resolution and settlement strategies using sophisticated, data-driven analysis freeing up time and minimising costs.

Working with clients to develop bespoke tech solutions where off-the-shelf options don’t exist or are unsuitable.