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Gian Luca Zampa

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  • Rivista Italiana di Antitrust (Italian Antitrust Review), No.3, 2015 The conundrum of restrictions “by object”: rationale, scope, impact and a proposal (co-author with Alessandro Di Giò)

  • Competition law & policy debate, May 2015 Information exchanges, concerted practices by object and financial/commodity trading

  • Competition Law International, 2013 Hub and spoke practices: Law and Economics of the new antitrust Frontier? (co-author with Paolo Buccirossi)

  • Dizionario sistematico del diritto della concorrenza (a cura di Pace F.), Jovene, 2013 Il riparto dell’onere della prova ai sensi dell’art. 3 Reg. 1/2003 anche con riferimento all’art. 101 § 3 TFUE (co-author with Giulia Attinà)

  • Contribution to Study by Lear Economic Consultancy to the Office of Fair Trading, 2012 Can “fair” prices be unfair? A review of price relationship agreements (co-author with Alessandro Di Giò)